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5 Tips for working from home

Salut mes beautés!

I thought I would sit down and send a positive vibe message out there to any and all of you who may just be starting to work from home, and it feels a little bit difficult to feel satisfied in this new environment and keep up the same level of productivity.

I absolutely understand how you may be feeling because for the past year I have been working from home myself. I have developed a few routines that help me stay on point and successful in what I do.

Morning Routine

For me the most important thing to do is to develop a morning routine. I love to start my day with a light but nutritious breakfast. On a good day I like to have a celery juice, and then a green smoothie, and sometimes a beautiful pain au chocolat of my husband. Plus I keep drinking water! After completing my breakfast, I try to get some kind of exercise! Maybe yoga, pilates, go for a run, walk, or just stretch. I like to feel as awake as possible, and getting my body moving really helps!

Get Dressed

Afterwards, I like to get dressed because if I stay in my pjs for the morning, I will lounge around and not get as much done. I might indulge in pouring myself another cup of coffee and keep scrolling through instagram. So hopping in the shower and putting on proper clothes, I feel more encouraged to move through my to do list.

Take Breaks

For me, if I don't stop and grab some fresh air mid-day, or put my computer away during my lunch break, then I feel extremely bogged down. Sometimes I do not have all the time possible during the day, but even if I just step out onto the balcony with a cup of tea, I immediately feel so much more revived and inspired again. When we are not surrounded by lots of people constantly, or now we are being surrounded by all our family, we deserve a break to breathe in an open clear space. Please make sure that you open a window and get some fresh air whenever you need it! Let some sunshine rest on your face for 5-10 minutes.

Protect Your Space

Make sure to dedicate a space just for your work. Do not work from your bed because you need to have a place at the end of the day where you can unwind. The last time I worked in my bed, I ended up falling asleep by accident and having an hour nap!! Naps are great but not when you are in the middle of a project! Also protect your time. Just because you are home does not mean you have all the time in the world to run errands, clean the house, or do laundry. I love a tidy house, so sometimes the act of cleaning starts to grab hold of me. Now the only clean up I do, is after I have done my breakfast in the kitchen and then I do not touch a sponge until I am done with my work day. This works great for me, who does not have any kids at the moment... but it is still important to protect your time as much as possible, perhaps more so when you are juggling little ones and pets needing your attention!

Make it Cozy

I love this one, because when I am at home most of the time it is easy to sometimes feel unproductive. What works best for me is to brew a cup of tea, light a candle, press play on a playlist, and then during that time I force myself to be as focused as possible. I typically keep the productivity going for longer after those little spurts of time, but I almost trick my mind with small goals of time that can turn into a super productive afternoon!

Keep your shoes on!

This is my last and final little tip, because I have always found this to work for me just like with what clothes I am wearing. If I keep my shoes on, even if they are just comfy sneakers, I will be infinitely more motivated to keep moving and hustling throughout the day! Anytime I put on comfy clothes or big fluffy socks and slippers, I feel like I am in relax mode and therefore I will be less motivated. Keep on a pair of clean shoes in your home and be as focused as you can be, so your mind stays alert and happy throughout each day!

I absolutely love working from home now, because I have given myself some routines and tricks to make it worthwhile! It is all about sorting through your priorities and finding what works best to keep you on track. You can do it, and maybe you will feel more accomplished than before!

Bisous Bisous xx

Kelsey Sommer

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