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Coco Chanel or JoJo Malone?

Hello friends and fragrance lovers like myself!

I thought it was high time to write a little blog post talking about my favorite fragrance. Most people keep their key fragrance loves to one or two and while I completely understand, I also love finding amazing new fragrances. My love of discovering beautiful scents all started when my mother offered me a little French fragrance bottle when I was a young teenager, which was from Aix en Provence, and my mind was immediately blown by the depth yet clean scent it exhibited! It was called Fleur D'oranger Bastide Aix en Provence. I believe they are still in business but it may be difficult to get this perfume unless you are in the South of France? Although I am not sure, I always try and look for it whenever I can but it is extremely difficult to find.

The scent of this fragrance was Orange Blossom, and I now have the deepest love for Orange Blossom in quite literally everything! The idea that scent/fragrance carries memories, I believe to be so incredibly true. This scent makes me nostalgic and so incredibly happy whenever I smell it! When I wanted to find a similar fragrance that I could wear every day, I immediately turned to Jo Malone because she develops beautiful unisex fragrance using essential oils and all of her fragrances are super natural and fit so beautifully together. She also created her fragrances so that the wearer can layer another of her scents on top of the other to create an even more specific combination for each and every person. I love this idea because you can really personalize it to yourself, but for me when I found out about her very own Orange Blossom scent, I was hooked and did not need to do any layering!! It is the epitome of pure freshness from the blossom, with a slight hint of sweetness from the orange, and ever so subtle air of warmth. I will often wear the Jo Malone Orange Blossom fragrance whenever possible. This fragrance is also special because I feel like it one of those rare scents that can be worn all year round without fault. Although, I try not to over use it because it is super special. My husband Romain, actually surprised me with another bottle at Christmas that was engraved with my new name Kelsey Sommer Dufour, which was extra special because this was also the fragrance that I wore on our wedding day this past July! I just knew I had to wear it for our special day to forever keep the scent memory of Jo Malone Orange Blossom. As an added bonus all the women at the wedding received a small orange blossom candle as a wedding favor, because I love it so much!

My second favorite fragrance was actually one that I discovered when I started dating my husband 2 and a half years ago. Again, I seem to find inspiration from my French mama, because she has always been an avid Chanel fragrance lover. She has worn Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle for years, and Chanel N*5 on special occasions. Funnily enough, when I was in the market to try out some Chanel fragrance for myself, Chanel had just released a new fragrance called, Gabrielle. I went with Romain to give it a try, and we both fell in love with the scent. Chanel fragrance to me has a distinct sensuality to it, which I absolutely love but at the same time I knew that I wanted one that still embodied its sensual essence but reflected me with the clean freshness that I will always admire! Well Chanel knocked it out of the park with Gabrielle because it is the perfume for every single young woman. It says refined, sexy, subtle, clean, fresh, with a hint of sweet. I think this fragrance quite literally has it ALL! I can wear this during the day but I must say that I prefer it for going out with my hubby. Or when I need a little kick in my step! The name is perfect, because it does resemble a young Parisian woman. I could not recommend Chanel Gabrielle enough! Basically a little black dress, a red lip, and a touch of Gabrielle and you will be on your way to having the best night!!

I could talk about fragrance all day everyday because I love it so much, but I think I will leave my crazy obsession there with those two of my all time favorites fragrances. I hope you enjoyed and feel slightly encouraged to go and get a sample of either of Jo Malone Orange Blossom or Chanel Gabrielle! Please let me know in the comments below if you love these fragrances as well or if you have any other fragrances that you love even more!!

Bisous Bisous xx

Kelsey Sommer

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