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I'M ENGAGED!! J'ai dit OUI!

Bonjour mes amis!!

Oh wow it has been quite a long time since I have said hello!! I apologize for that, to say that the summer has been overwhelming, and hectic is the understatement of the year. Yet at the end of the summer I received the best surprise of my life!

Romain asked me to marry him!!

I was not expecting it to happen whatsoever, so when Romain took me for a stroll in the fortified city of Langres, France and got down on one knee I was in complete shock. Romain is a true French man. He is very romantic and truly knows how to plan beautiful magical moments. Unfortunately though, some events outside of our control, with our airline, caused the original Paris proposal to change. But, I think how our engagement story came to be could not have been more perfect or romantic.

Romain wanted to make sure that the engagement happened early on while we were in France because we were visiting family and friends, and since everyone was fully aware a proposal was on the way, he knew that he was on a deadline or the secret could have been revealed by mistake. So on August 4th, 2018 Romain took me on an early morning walk just the two of us around Langres.

As we were messing around, taking pictures and enjoying the lovely scenery, Romain started walking down a small cobble stoned alley way near a church. The walls were all covered in ivy and there was a sweet aroma from the morning mist and beautiful flowers everywhere.

We were alone, and he took me in his arms for a very tender embrace, and then got down on one knee and asked "Veux-tu m'épouser?" I think I was very much caught off as well overwhelmed with emotion that I could not utter any words. Completely speechless. Apparently I kept staring wide eyed at him, so he stood up, to make sure I was ok... and that made me realize that I actually hadn't responded at all. So after he helped me realize I definitely was not dreaming... he got down on one knee again and asked a second time to which I finally responded "OUI!"

I believe I startled giggling like a little girl and then burst into the happiest of tears.

The rest of the day was such a blur... I think we both were riding on a high. I know I had to sing and we were actually very busy but my nerves for the singing had vanished. I did tell Romain though, that I couldn't see him during the ceremony because I would just start crying while I sang beautiful sentimental love songs, and that would not be a pretty sight. The atmosphere at the wedding was so full of love, I was crying on and off the whole day. We were able to celebrate with so many friends and enjoy the amazing champagne in the Champagne region. It was such a whirlwind experience. The rest of our time in France we were visiting other family and celebrating another wedding of another one of Romain's best friends, so it truly felt like a continuous two week celebration.

Merci Hélène for your beautiful pictures that day!

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found my best friend and partner for life in one amazing man. I am so incredibly looking forward to getting married in Paris, France next summer!

Je t'aime mon amour! Tu as mon coeur et j'ai hate de notre vie ensemble.


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