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Is Valentine's Day Important?


I know it is the next day but I wanted to touch on the subject of Valentines day. As you are reading this, you have already had your celebrations or you are perhaps going out this weekend to celebrate with your significant other or friends... and I wanted to talk about the importance of Valentines Day.

All I can remember growing up was hearing two sides of the story... "Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday... just trying to increase spending." Or "Valentines Day is a fun cute holiday that is a good excuse to go out and celebrate with your loved ones, especially during the winter months when we need something to help break up the cold dreary weather."

While I think both sides speak the truth, I definitely lean towards the side of celebrating rather than not. And I say this because there is nothing wrong with having a day to give a little bit extra towards your significant other. That does not have to mean spending a great deal of money on them... but putting in the effort and letting that person know how much they mean to you is super important!

I feel incredibly lucky to have such a thoughtful significant other, who always steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park for Valentine's Day. In fact he does such a good job, I feel like I need to step up my game!! Everything he does is incredibly sweet and I love it so so much, but even if I just received a hand written note, I would be over the moon. To me it is all in the small details... even though I love being swept off my feet by my love, what will always win my heart are the small touches that he planned to make the night even more thoughtful, personalized, and special.

Now I didn't sit down, and start writing this post because I felt like I needed to offer advice on Valentines Day or that anyone reading this needs to do anything in particular, I wanted to write about Valentine's Day because I do love LOVE.

Sometimes I think the world needs a little bit more LOVE at the moment. There are so many things that are constantly calling our attention... the environment, treatment of animals, continuous attacks on countries and innocent people, people without homes, food, and basic needs, and the list goes on and on! LOVE and care, attention to detail, attention to others, to strangers, to those in need, to animals, and the environment, as you live your daily life is so incredibly important! If you can offer LOVE to anything or anyone, then you are celebrating Valentine's Day in the best way! Spreading love does not need to be a Hallmark holiday, it is about showing you care to those around you.

I will always be a fan of celebrating LOVE because it truly is powerful and definitely important!

All my love ;)


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