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NEW MONTH, new inspiration!

Hello lovelies!

Happy June!

There are many things that we are all dealing with at the moment. I had originally wanted to share this post on Monday June 1st, but it somehow didn't feel right with the BlackRightsMovement. It still doesn't feel right if I am perfectly honest but after much reflection perhaps this post is more relevant then ever. I currently have started to feel even more inspired and motivated lately through many different areas of my work and personal life, and now with this movement on the forefront of our minds, my desires for equality and awareness have also increased dramatically. We all need each other right now more than ever to do whatever possible to stand together for justice. Perhaps the little tidbits I share below with regards to inspiration can also be used for reflection and promote education on the current situation.

The first positive outcome for me mentally right now is that we have officially entered into phase 3 of our five phase plan to fight COVID19 here in Illinois. Just that alone has lifted my spirits. It almost feels like we are heading into more normal territory somehow, although that is not actually going to happen for a little while now. It has been hard the past couple months for myself, but I am sure for everyone to stay super chipper with everything the world is going through. It feels so wonderful to feel like one foot has moved forward at least with a new month. How are you doing? Are you happy to probably be done with the school year and heading into summer months? Are you trying to do any road trips during the summer or keeping your scheduled vacations going for as long as possible?

Well as it turns out for us, my husband and I would have been in Rome this week for our honeymoon, which I am not going to lie does make me a little sad when I think about it, but "c'est la vie." Things happen, and we have to roll with the punches sometimes! We are hoping to schedule a new honeymoon location and trip at the end of the summer, perhaps in Hawaii so that we can go somewhere exotic but staying inside the United States. We will be playing everything by ear for the time being.

Anyway, while everything is at a bit of a stand still I wanted to pop on here and talk about inspiration. I feel that at the moment I am working harder to stay inspired. I usually draw the most inspiration from travel, and without having that outlet I have been having to seek out other ways to stay elevated and inspired to keep creating. I definitely had fallen into a slump at the beginning of confinement, so I felt like I was digging myself out for a goodly amount of time.

My first task was to start reusing Pinterest but by being more selective. I cleaned up my entire profile. I deleted about 20 odd boards, and started fresh. I began pinning away into only 4 specific inspiration boards. Then I decided to also create a board specifically for our wedding last July in France. And since then I have pretty much continued using Pinterest every night for fun planning, especially so I can be ready when life is back to as normal as possible.

It may come as no surprise to hear that Instagram is also one of my favorite social media platforms. I am on there EVERY single day without fail. Well since I was having so much fun with Pinterest I decided to start sharing some of the mood boards and inspiration boards on my insta stories daily as well. I found this therapeutic as well because I would be able to share what was keeping me motivated with friends now. I then upped the ante by also including an inspiring quote as well as a French word or quote of the day. I also was doing a song of the day from the new playlist I had created on my Apple Music. For some reason, just posting these little things everyday kept me moving for the rest of the day on creative projects.

I started cleaning my apartment. I went deep and starting reorganizing EVERYTHING. How can I make everything a bit more aesthetically pleasing as well more functional? Can I find more sustainable solutions for everything? I got on a Spring Clean kick I guess and everything needed to be re-thought out. The changes were either very big or very small, and with every change I got happier.

I then started re-thinking what can I "Spring-clean" in my life. That lead me to my general organization. I started my first bullet journal. I am starting half way through the year but I don't care! I am already so happy to see my thoughts and plans all laid out in ONE book that fits easily in my small bags. This then brought me to look into my French. I want to step up the momentum slightly in my daily speaking with my hubby's well as personal study. I tuned into The French is Beautiful weekly show, because she has been inspiring me for a couple of years now, and hopefully soon we can work one on one on a regular basis.

Then in my own personal business, I decided I would also take the plunge and dive into more opportunities and organization. I cleaned up my website. New pictures, new offerings, and connection to clients. I even started a new separate professional business instagram page. It is still the beginning but I am working on a face lift for pretty much everything I can get my hands on at the minute. As I mentioned with my instagram stories, I have also started to transform my own instagram to reflect the inspiration that I am drawing on regularly. All this is because, I truly believe that you need to stare at what you want and go for it. If it brings you joy then why am I not doing it? There are excuses for everything these days, I am tired of them. I am ready to dive head first into all the things at the moment that bring me joy. Even if I cannot do them every single day, I am working hard at the projects that make me excited to get up at the wee hours of the morning ready to crack on!

These little tidbits and insight into what is keeping me going right now, I hope will prompt you to start something for you. This post is not to say you need to start hustling, but merely for those who were feeling a little lost right now. I wanted to assure you that I was there, and finding my groove again just by doing something small, has helped me feel a tad more happy and accomplished. You deserve to do whatever will make you feel happy and right in your skin this summer. I am so happy just to at least feel excited to pick up my camera again, and if that was all I gained from my mood and inspiration boards, then I am beyond chuffed. Take things small and easy, as we start to see the horizon again with this virus *fingers crossed*

Please continue to be safe.

Lots of Love


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