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  • Kelsey Sommer

Our French Wedding Photography

Hello Lovelies!!

I hope you are all doing ok during this crazy time the world. There have been a few things that have been occupying my time recently and that is "organization" of literally anything and everything. This includes going through all of my old pictures, videos, and media and looking on what I would like to print and frame. And then finally, I have also been loving Pinterest even more recently for mood boards and inspiration.

All these things brought me to realize that I have not shared any of our wedding photos captured by the very talented Catherine O'Hara in Paris, here on my website. If you have been on my instagram at all since last July you would have seen a fair few of them posted there but I think it is important to have them also stored digitally for us in the future. This will definitely be a memory post for me, but I hope you can enjoy having a look through at what was the most special day of our entire lives. We feel so incredibly blessed to have had such talent there to document the day, and Catherine's work was no exception. We are also looking forward to doing a photoshoot with her again in Paris in November! I am literally counting down the days!

I will also be creating a board on my Pinterest of our wedding as well, so feel free to give all the photos a glance there!

I hope you enjoy and wishing you all the best as we continue to muster through self isolation!

Lots of Love!


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