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Paris C'est Magique June 2017

Ciao bella! I hope you are doing well!

I thought I would do a post reminiscing about the first time Romain and I went to France together last June. If you were not aware, Romain is my boyfriend and he is a French baker, who currently works in Chicago. We went on holiday in France together for our 10 month anniversary and also attended the wedding of two of his good friends while we were there!

It was definitely one of my absolute favorite vacations. We explored all over France and spent some time with friends and family on our both sides. While it was a very busy holiday, [I think we had only one morning that we did not have any plans] I honestly enjoyed every single second of the thirteen days that we were there.

If you are planning to see France, I would definitely recommend adding in more rest days. There is not one place in France that isn't beautiful so choose a few stopping points and sit back and enjoy.

13 Days in France Itinerary

Day 1: Fly into Paris in the morning and spend the day with Romain's Dad's family *Had the most beautiful boat ride on the seine at sunset* I was completely overwhelmed, it was very special!

Day 2: Spend the day with Romain's family and grandparents. Sunday barbecue in the garden

Day 3: Wake up very early to catch the TGV to Aix en Provence, spend the day in Aix and then drive to Le Grau du Roi to visit my great uncle

Day 4: Spend the day exploring Le Grau du Roi, Aigues Mortes, and Montpellier with my great uncle and aunt! *I completely fell in love with Aigues Mortes* It is such a cute fortified city!

Day 5: Had a relaxing morning on the beach before leaving Le Grau du Roi to drive to Avignon

Day 6: Spend the day exploring Avignon with my friends Noémie and Jeremie, and then drive to Lyon to meet up with Romain's best friends Maxime & Mathilde, and Vincent & Hélène!

Day 7: Spend the day exploring Lyon with our friends, and then drive 4 hours to Sézanne for the wedding the next day.

Day 8: Wake up late, and get ready for the wedding of Antoine & Lea, and party till 4am!!

Day 9: Wake up early and go to the Wedding brunch, then drive back to Paris! Pick up some amazing bread from Thierry, then head to Romain's friend, Alexi and Julie's apartment for drinks and appetizers. Then go to have dinner with Romain's mom's family! *busy day, but so wonderful to see everyone*

Day 10: Wake up slightly later and go for afternoon tea at Le Meurice!! Did a little bit of walking around Paris and then drove outside of the city for dinner with Romain's step brothers and his mom's family!

Day 11: Spent the day just exploring Paris and enjoying the sights with my Romain, and then had dinner with his grandmother and cousin!

Day 12: Had a truly amazing vegetarian lunch at the 3 Michelin star restaurant, Arpège! Honestly that 4 hour lunch blew my mind! Then we spent the afternoon with Romain's cousin Julie, and her beautiful two young boys! As the sun set we decided to climb the Eiffel Tower and honestly it was the best night ever!

Day 13: Spend the day exploring Paris with Romain's dad and coincidentally met one of my favorite bakers from the Great British Bake Off, Martha, at Montmartre! Then had afternoon tea at Un Dimanche à Paris, which was absolutely lovely! Truly a fantastic last day in France!

Day 14: Head home to Chicago :(

À bientôt Paris et mes amis!


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