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September in San Francisco!

Ciao babe!

California is a place that I always thought, I would never really want to see... I am not entirely sure where that idea came from, but I can definitely tell you that I was beyond wrong!

I tagged along on a trip with Romain to San Francisco in September, and we both completely fell in love.

We had the first weekend there to enjoy together, before Romain had to work during the week, but we made use of his free evenings, and really enjoyed every minute of our time there!

During our weekend we also visited Sausalito and Napa Valley, and both places made the trip such an unbelievable adventure. I think they were my favorite parts of the trip, because they were both so beautiful.

We also visited two top rated restaurants while we were there. The first was Petit Crenn which was definitely an interesting experience. The second restaurant was a 2 Michelin starred restaurant called La Folie, and we decided to eat there on a last minute whim but thoroughly enjoyed it!

The food scene and the bakery scene in San Francisco are both astounding. Romain and I had a field day going from bakery to bakery and seeing all of the lovely new ideas and creations.

Plus we were privileged to have an amazing private tour at Domaine Chandon in Napa Valley. And then it was even more enjoyable to have a wonderful lunch afterwards with Pauline Lhote the incredibly talented winemaker of Domaine Chandon!

Romain and I both had a truly amazing week in San Francisco! I honestly cannot wait to go back to San Francisco again soon!

À bientôt mes amis!


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