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The key to French Girl beauty!

How do French women look so beautiful all the time?

How do they style their hair?

What are their beauty secrets?

How come French women are always in great shape?

The French women AND men definitely understand what is beauty and fashion, that is a fact!

Ciao bella! I hope you are doing well, and I thought I would try and answer these questions that I hear all the time because I think they are very interesting and I think there is a reason I hear them so often.

I am a French girl that was born and raised in America, and because I have a beautiful French mama and grandma in my life, I have learned from the best about French girl beauty.

First things first... when it comes to French beauty, it is about au naturel! Take care of your skin and let it be the beautiful canvas for your painting. Do not cover it up, let it shine through. If you have freckles, do not hide them! Your skin is the most important feature that French women care about.

Then when you apply makeup to your face it should be to highlight and accentuate your natural beauty. A little bit of mascara to open up the eyes, and a little color on the lips goes a long way!

The more you apply to your face the more the makeup is star of the show and not your face!

Now when it comes to the hair, French women let their hair do its own thing. On a day to day basis, a French woman will probably wake up, shower, but not wash her hair... and then put a couple sprays of dry shampoo in her hair, if it is needed... and then be done.

If you have curls, you let your curls we wild and free. You embrace what you have and make it work. There is no such thing as looking perfect! But you definitely walk down the street, with an air and confidence in your "perfect" look. It is perfect because you make it work, and that is all.

French women and men, understand beauty and fashion because they let it happen, and then add a few staple pieces or accents to highlight that look. That is how a French woman or man nails the effortlessly chic look.

I hope that helps answer those initial questions. If you have any beauty or fashion tips, I would love to hear them, so please make sure to share below in the comments! I am always interested in what works for others.

À bientôt mes amis!


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