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What's next?

Dear 2020,

I am ready to start a new chapter. For me it is a clean slate. I have accomplished a lot of things in my life thus far, and I am itching to get started working, playing, experiencing, learning, traveling, and growing even more.

This past decade was insane. After graduating university with a degree in vocal performance, I applied to several masters programs and was turned down to all of them. I fell into a slump and didn't know how to recover from not just several rejections but the idea that my "path" for a career in the music world seemed over. I thank my dad everyday for pushing me out the door one day, saying "I am leaving now for work but when I get back I expect you to have a job in your hands... no more sulking, its time to pick yourself up and get busy!" To be honest, I wasn't the happiest of ladies that precise day but boy did it teach me a lesson. I applied to some local part time work in Barrington, and ended up getting a job working for a cute little patisserie in town. The work was great! I had a goodly amount of hours and I was being pushed to hustle. I started volunteering for the Lake Forest Symphony, and fortunately was hired not too long afterwards for another part time job. I was loving my schedule. I was busy, working two very different but equally awesome jobs. My mind was focused and I was meeting lots of great people. Not even two weeks into starting my training at the patisserie, a handsome French Chef Boulanger walked through the doors, and things started to get even more interesting. After weeks of seeing each other every weekend, this tall, dark, and handsome man with the cutest French accent asked me out for a drink.. and needless to say the rest was history! Our relationship was intense with lots of travel and adventure. Two years into a whirlwind of love, romance, and unreal experiences in the United States and around the world, my French Chef got down on one knee in France. 11 months later, I was walking down the aisle at the most beautiful Chateau ever in Paris towards the man of my dreams!?! I think it is safe to say that I could never have imagined this to have been my life and situation after university. Not only did I have an amazing few years falling in love with the most incredible man, but I became aware of the world through the eyes of someone else. I discovered things that I didn't even know about myself. I felt stronger, more confident, and self sufficient. I was starting to speak a bit of French again and reconnecting with my very own French family. These past few years shocked me and made me the happiest ever!!

As with any relationship, after you reach certain goals you start to think about WHATS NEXT? We have also been reminded of this lovely question from family and friends pretty regularly.

What are your plans now for the future?

Are you going to continue living in Chicago?

Are you planning on getting pregnant soon?

Why does your husband travel so much if he is a baker?

As a Chef, my husband's future and location is never 100% certain. For now we will be in Chicago but we may be living overseas in a few years either back in France or anywhere in Europe or Asia.

The idea of pregnancy has been on our minds since the wedding but I think that we are trying to figure out this next year first before we make any solid plans. I always wanted a little window of just being married before starting a family. So we shall see what happens??

My husband, Romain, travels pretty much 2 weeks every month for his work with a French American company. He works as a Research & Development Master Baker here in Chicago. He develops recipes, and cleans products of their chemical ingredients. This often requires him to also visit the clients to help them produce their product in their own kitchens. Fortunately as well, Romain has started to build up his career worldwide and is being sought after for masterclasses in some of the best schools for bakery, patisserie, and chocolate. For those amazing and special opportunities, he will spend a week at the school teaching professional level students. He recently finished a masterclass with the Chicago Chocolate Academy and was the first Chef Boulanger to ever be invited to teach at any of the Chocolate Academies worldwide which was an unbelievable honor.

As we start a new chapter together as a couple, we have some exciting goals for ourselves both personally and professionally. We would like to continue to travel as much as possible, and continue to push forward in our careers. I am currently self employed both as a freelance singer and as a vocal coach for my own private voice studio. I am also planning and creating new exciting content for this blog and my instagram. Trying to follow in the footsteps of my hubby who is killing it on social media at the moment. If you haven't checked out his instagram make sure to give it a peek you wont be disappointed!

I hope this insight into our story was able to offer some clarity and insight. Not every path needs to be picture perfect or follow a direct line to be successful. I had this idea in my head of planning every stage of how I wanted to power through my adulthood into a strong career, and hitting a speed bump made me try something new and ultimately put me on an even better "right"path. I now approach each new obstacle with strategy and have my eyes wide open to endless opportunity. Life is what you make of it, and this next chapter is going to be even stronger. What's next will be an adventure and I cannot wait to tackle each new day.

Wishing you all the best for your next chapter! xx

Kelsey Sommer

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